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Indian Silk Purse
Designed by JoAnn I. Durham, NC


Materials: 1 sari silk skein (100 grams total), #3 hook(C), faux black pearl (or button, or jewel and jewel glue).

Time to make: 2 hours.

Dimensions: 4" by 5".

Level of Difficulty: Easy.

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  1. Using a number 3 hook(C), chain 21 stitches.

  2. Turn and single crochet across chain. Chain 1 and turn.

  3. Continue to single crochet across, chaining 1 and turning at the end of each row until piece measures 9 inches.

  4. To make the triangular flap, do not chain one at the end of the row, but turn and skip the first chain, single crocheting in the second chain from hook and continue across row.

    This decreases one stitch in each row. Turn, skip first stitch and single crochet in next stitch, repeat this until piece comes to a point with 2 or 3 stitches left. Tie off.

  5. Putting it together: Turn up bottom half of purse and allign with beginning of flap. Sew or crochet up each side, making sure flap falls down over flatly.

  6. Handle: Crochet a 24 inch chain or desired length. Single crochet to the end and sew or crochet handle to the purse on the back at the flap fold.

  7. Circle: Chain 5, slip stitch in the first chain to make a circle. Single crochet in the circle 10 times. Single crochet in eachstitch around the circle 2 times for a total of 20 sc. To make it larger, just continue around the outside putting 2 sc in every third stitch with 2 sc in each in between.

    I glued a faux black pearl in the center of my circle, you could use any jewel, button or bead with some fabric or jewel glue.

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