Sari Silk Vest
Designed by Barbro Wilhelmsson, Sweden


Materials: 5 sari silk skein (500 grams total), Needles US 10 (6mm).

Time to make: 5 hours.

Dimensions: 21" by 41".

Level of Difficulty: Easy.

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  1. Cast on 115 sts on a circular needle and knit back and forth. Knit 6 rows. Row 7: yo, 1k, yo, 1k, repeat to the end of row.
    Row 8: Let the yo slip of the needle and knit the rest. Knit 8 rows and then make a (yo, 1 k) row again. Knit 6 rows.
    Repeat these rows or make the yo rows where you want them.

  2. When the vest measures 10 inches (25 cm) cast of like this: Knit 23, cast of 14, knit 41, cast of 14, knit 23.

  3. Knit the back 41 sts for 10 – 11 inches (25-28) cm and let the sts stay on a thread or a circular needle.

  4. Knit the front part and decrease by knitting two sts together in the front side, knit 3 rows and decrease again. Repeat until there is 16 sts left on the needle and the front part measures the same as the back (If you need more room in the front part, make the front 11 or 12 inches).

  5. Knit the other front part and then cast of by using the three needle method. Cast of together the front and back for 16 sts, then cast of the middle sts on the back and at last cast of front and back together 16 sts.

    If you want to, crochet a row around the vest.

    ©Barbro Wilhelmsson

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