Banana Yarn in
SF Giants Colors

Baseball Banana Yarn in SF Giants Colors

Want a unique way to root for your favorite Bay Area Baseball Team? Get your hands on some baseball yarn!

You won't get this yarn anywhere else, but here.

Made of 100% recycled banana fibers.

Knit a scarf, make a hat or take your favorite pattern and knit up a soft present for a baseball fan you love.

Contact us about getting a custom pattern to make a scarf shaped like a baseball bat. Just like the one Lou Seal the official mascot of the SF Giants wears!

Each Skein consists of 200 grams of banana yarn and is approximately 140-150 yards in length.

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For a limited time, only $15 (outside CA)

For California residents $16 (which includes 8.5% tax).

Payment by Paypal. But, if you don't have a paypal account, you can still pay through a credit card.

non-California Residents
California Residents


Delivery Charges

$4.60 Priority Mail Shipping (domestic)
For delivery outside the US, please email for more info.

Pickup in downtown SF for free!.

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