Petite Multi-Colored Silk Knit Scarf

Stylish Petite Knit Scarf made of 100% silk yarn.

  • Luxurious Accessory for your Wardrobe
  • Made of 100% Silk
  • Unique Multi-Colored Yarn
  • Hand Knit from Hand Spun Silk Fibers

    Handcrafted and made from Sari Threads collected in India and handspun in Nepal.

    An attractive accessory made of gorgeous fabric. A nice addition to your wardrobe.

    Just the right size - 40" long by 5" wide. Please note that some scarves may be a few inches longer since each piece is unique and is crafted by hand. It is the individuality of each piece as well as the first quality of the yarn that adds to it's charm, beauty and style.

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    For a limited time, only $15 (outside CA)

    For California residents $16 (which includes 8.5% tax).

    Payment by Paypal. But, if you don't have a paypal account, you can still pay through a credit card.

non-California Residents

California Residents

Delivery Charges 

$4.60 Priority Mail Shipping (domestic)
For delivery outside the US, please email for more info.

Or, I can drop off your order to you in downtown San Francisco at no charge.

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