Sari Silk Fibers

Multi Colored Himalayan Recycled Sari Silk Fibers

Home Craft Business Spin a rainbow of beautiful yarn with our Himalayan Recycled Sari Silk fibers!

  • Each bag is a unique combination of fibers
  • Luxurious 100% silk made of vibrant colors

Fine silk threads and remnants are collected and recycled from Sari Makers in India.

Each packet weighs 250 grams.

Spin these fibers together to create your own rich and vibrant yarn.


For a limited time, only $16.00 (outside CA)

For California residents $17.00 (which includes 8.5% tax).

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Payment by Paypal. But, if you don't have a paypal account, you can still pay through a credit card.

non-California Residents
California Residents

Delivery Charges

$4.60 Priority Mail Shipping (domestic)
For delivery outside the US, please email for more info.

Pickup in downtown SF for free!.

This is a great buy on yarn that sells for $16-20 in the stores!

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